About Me

My name is Colleen (Nickname/username: Kialeena). You can find me on Deviantart: http://kialeena.deviantart.com/


I specialise in Book Cover Design, but I do offer other book design services, such as custom book cover design and interior design format. I can help you get your book ready for submission on websites like Kindle, Smashwords, and Createspace.

I create covers for both ebooks and print. I customise and design layouts and margins for all book sizes, according to the site you are using to publish your book, such as Smashwords, Kindle, or Createspace.

I can do custom requests and designs, including promotional images for social media; Please contact me with what you need and we can discuss the project in depth.

Pre-made Book Covers: My pre-made book covers are sold as is. I will put in your book title, author name, and any other taglines you need. Unfortunately, you will not receive the construction files or any of the images we used to create the cover. You will receive the final high resolution book cover in the format you would like, such as Jpeg, Png, Psd etc.

I create book covers and designs, I do not just provide images, so if you wish to have something customized, just let me know and we will discuss a rate for the changes. If you want a banner, Facebook or social media cover image, or any other graphic promotional image, you are welcome to contact me and I will design it for you at standard fee rates.

If you have found a premade cover that you would like made into a full paperback novel cover, the extra fee for this is approximately $30, as I would need to rework the images.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my services or the cover design process.

Interior Design

I offer services for design and formatting of novels that are to be submitted to Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and Createspace. I offer consulting services as well as complete services where I design and format the entire layout for you, ready to be submitted.


If you need to submit your book to a different publisher, contact me with the information and I will do my best to help you.

Accepted File Formats for interior design:

I accept both pdf and word documents. If your files are in a different format, please consult me as I am able to use various other formats too.