Iron Belief

Faerie Believers #4 2020 Edition

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Iron Belief, Kalcee Clornel

The final book in the Faerie Believer series.

Things between Kath and Kaevin are finally working. There are no more secrets, and they trust each other completely. But with Kath being a Believer and Kaevin King of the Tempest Fae, they may still have no future together.

The new threat seems to involve both hunters, fae, and Believer power, and a new girl gets caught in the war. Allie has spent her whole life working hard and helping those she can, but will anyone be there when she’s the one who needs help?

Keath wants nothing to do with Ethera, and is tired of the lies and deceit; tired of trusting the wrong people. One of those people may be Katie, who still feels the need to keep important things secret from even her closest friends.

Good days have returned despite the lurking secrets and danger, but with dark fae, murderous hunters, and deceitful mortals, the end of the darkness and danger is nowhere in sight.