Broken Beauty

The Emerald Fae

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Credits: Andrea Surajbally: Moonglowlilly

Broken Beauty, Kalcee Clornel

Once again King Kaevin seems to have turned on his friends. Kath and Keath still have faith in his loyalty, but their trust is put to the test, especially when their other friends don’t share their opinion.
Kaevin has to do what he believes best for his Kingdom and once again the darkness overtakes his thoughts and mind so that he can’t see what is right before his eyes.

Raeshon, the prince of the Forest Grove Court is in deep trouble and finally trying to do the right thing seems to be leading him deeper. His history puts his friends against him and when he has but a breath left only they can help.

Hunters are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with and the numbers of attacks are growing. Kath battles work, college, hunting for hunters, and her complicated relationships with her friends, family, and Kaevin. Things get out of control and Kath is left broken in the dust with the hope that everything hasn’t been for nothing.