Keeping an Accident

The Emerald Fae

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Keeping an Accident, Angelica Lambert

Sophie has only ever been with the same man. Recently divorced, and encouraged by her more outgoing best friend Anne, she decides to embark on a journey of sexual discovery. However, when none of the men she encounters are able to satisfy her needs, she stumbles upon a sex toy that takes her to a place she’s never been before.

A chance encounter with her ex husband creates a secret Sophie feels she can never reveal to Anne, and when the girls head off of France – partly to get away from Anne’s stalker, and partly to find the mythical creator of the sex toy Sophie has fallen for – Anne also ends up with a secret too deadly to tell Sophie. This is going to test their lifelong friendship to the max, especially when it becomes clear that the girls need each other’s support. They are both keeping an accident from each other, and will their friendship survive the ultimate test?