Polly Pepper and the Broken Promise

The Emerald Fae

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Credits: Ljilja: Moonchild, Konradbak


This is the second book of six of Polly Pepper, her cousin Alison, and best friends Lily and Lucy, who owned Brown Sugar Café. It’s full of fun and adventure and takes the girls all over the world in different time zones. Many strange and unbelievable things happen to them.

A gypsy calls at Byzantine Crescent to sell her wares. It’s pouring, so the girls invite the gypsy in. The girls are told not to open the basket, but they do. Polly and India, her young sister, and Lily and Lucy and Fifi, the dog, are sucked into the basket. Alison is left alone and breaks down in tears, will she ever see them again.